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Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates
 - a new unison setting for treble voices
of a carol for Advent
Click on this link for a printable copy:
Lift up your heads ye mighty gates



Written for the centenary of Birkdale School, Sheffield, here is my setting of a traditional school hymn.

Suitable for use in any school assembly.

Birkdale School Hymn - click to download

Listen to the hymn sung by the boys of Birkdale Prep School


Hymn: A Great and Mighty Wonder (tune: Leeds City) - Sibelius Format

Hymn: Come, Saviour, dwell among us (tune: Leeds City) - Sibelius Format

Recording of 'Come Saviour, dwell among us' from the CTBB Carol Service at St. Andrew's URC (Dec. 2005)

All Bethlehem's A-blazing (Traditional Spanish Christmas Carol) - Sibelius format

'Adam lay y-bounden' by Douglas Jones, recorded by Hallam Choral Society at St Mary's, Walkley (Dec. 2005)

'Christmas Candle' (arr. Douglas Jones) recorded by Hallam Choral Society at St Mary's, Walkley (Dec. 2005)

'I love to hear the story' by Douglas Jones, recorded by ladies choir of Hallam Choral Society at St Mary's, Walkley (Dec. 2005)


1. A medley of Christmas Themes suitable for elementary and intermediate players. The tune is sustained on Alto Sax with piano accompaniment and LOADS of extra parts. Great for school and church use!

2. Carol from Coventry. This version of the famous Coventry Carol is basically a four-part arrangement expanded for a school orchestra with very easy parts. It can be played by string, brass or woodwind quartets with tambourine, or by the whole orchestra, or any suitable combination. There's even a voice part for a soloist or unison choir.

Click here to play, view, save and print the new Christmas Medley.

Sibelius version of Carol Medley (left click to view/listen, right click to download)

Recording of Carol Medley

'Carol from Coventry', printable score, downloadable.

'Carol from Coventry' as Sibelius played it!

A complete set of 'Carol from Coventry' parts (except the score) in a single Microsoft Word document

Music for Upper Voice Choirs

A new setting by Douglas of the great poem by Pilot Officer John Gillespie Magee (1922-1941) for treble or soprano voices and piano. Of moderate difficulty with some two-part sections and short sections for two solo voices.

In two versions: High Flight.doc is a printable version with the original title page in colour. The second version, highflight.htm is the Sibelius version with a simpler title page. 

Microsoft Word version of High Flight with original colour title page and vocal score - click to download

Sibelius version of High Flight (can be played, printed and saved) - click to download

Click here to listen to 'High Flight' in the first recording by Birkdale Prep School Choir

Church and Cathedral Music

Scores are .sib files. You will need SIBELIUS software to view and print them. Use SIBELIUS SCORCH to hear them free. Audio files are .mp3 format. Key: E=Easy, M=Moderate Difficulty, D=Difficult, challenging.

Anthem: Bring Us, O Lord God at our last awakening (Douglas Jones) - SATB & Organ score - E/M

This anthem is particularly suitable for Remembrance Services and All Soul's Tide.

It was written in special memory of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

Recording of 'Bring us, O Lord God', Sterndale Singers/St. Andrew's Church Choir (1st public performance) 18.10.2003

Recording of 'I sat down under his shadow' by Anthony Frost-Helmsing (1st performance) - Sterndale Singers/Roddis 18.10.2003

Anthem: Like as the hart desireth the waterbrooks (Douglas Jones) - SATB & organ - E/M

Easter Song: Love is come again, 'Organ Grinder's Song' (Douglas Jones) - treble voices & organ - E

Evening Canticles: Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in 'Plainsong with Fauxbourdon' style (Douglas Jones) - SATB unacc - E

Anthem: Sweet Sacrament Divine (Douglas Jones) - SATB & organ score - M

Little Brown Jug (Small Multi-coloured Pouring Pot)
Little Brown Jug (Scorch version)

First Ten

NEW - for beginners at the piano.

'FIRST TEN' is a developing series of simple pieces for piano beginners.

Windows 10 users may need to install Mozilla Firefox browser with the Sibelius Scorch Plugin.

The first pieces are already here and may be copied freely direct from the links below.

Just place both thumbs on middle C and off you go...

No. 1: 'Reflections' A 'mirror piece' composed by Henry Breen. Use BOTH HANDS from the beginning in contrary motion!

No.2: 'Sharing' A simple melody shared between the two hands. Includes slurs for legato training.

No. 3: 'Breen Rock' A really simple medium rock number featuring a twelve-bar blues chord sequence - with staccato and accents.

No. 4: 'Hickory Dickory Dee' This features a new hand position and introduces F sharp - funny lyrics, too!

No.5: 'Shorty' Staccato Piece (unfingered).

No.6: 'Change for a Fiver' Change of position for the left hand.

No. 7: 'Minor Bird' A new key - D minor (also introduces G sharp).

No. 8: 'March of the Triads' A more substantial piece introducing triads.

No. 9: 'Minor! Major! Another piece featuring triads - but changes from minor to major in the middle.

No. 10: 'Chordale' An arrangement of the chorale tune 'Nun Danket' with the melody moving between the hands.

No. 11: 'Ladders' A piece using scales - introduces three new notes in the left hand: G, A and B.

No. 12: 'Swinging' - a simple piece in 6/8 time

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